Grandma's Garden Digital Quilt Pattern (Full Pattern)

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This is the digital (print at home) full pattern for Grandma's Garden!

Grandma's Garden was inspired by vintage seed packets.  Lately, our travels have included jobs in agriculture such as the sugar beet harvest and greenhouse work.  This unique and beautiful quilt features many of our favorite veggies as remembered from those pretty seed packets from many years ago.  

This quilt features traditional applique.  If you choose to do fused applique, the templates included will work for that too.  The 50 page pattern includes detailed instructions, fabric requirements, block layouts, full sized templates, and stitching suggestions for all 9 blocks of this 44" x 56" quilt.  

Would you rather save printing ink?

You can find the full paper copy of Grandma's Garden here with free shipping to US and Canada:

Make a one of a kind heirloom quilt!