Words to Live By Quilt Pattern

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This listing is for the Paper Pattern Booklet of Words to Live By.  This 21 page pattern will be shipped to your home upon ordering.

Redwork embroidery is a simple technique, worked in a single shade of thread.  Back in the 1800s when it was first popular, red was the only dye that was colorfast.  When dying processes improved, other colors came into use, but the look of redwork has always remained a favorite.

Because the design is outlined with very little filled areas, redwork is quick and easy to complete. And it is the centerpiece for my new Quilt Pattern- Words to Live By.

Words to Live By Quilt Pattern was featured as the Block of the Month for 2017 on my website, Suzy's Sitcom. 

The finished size is 44" x 56"

This 21 page complete pattern series booklet includes all 12 Words to Live By embroidery patterns, fully illustrated block instructions, fabric and embroidery requirements, borders and finishing instructions. 

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Create a unique heirloom quilt!